Video Killed The Radio Star

Tyler James – Why Do I Do

It has been so long since Tyler was first mentioned on Popjustice that I can’t quite remember why he was of note, but I believe it had something to do with Stargate and the original version of Foolish, a song both Gareth Gates and Justin Guarini later covered. I had high hopes for Tyler and I have to say I am not disappointed! What Do I Do reminds me of something Thicke or Christian Walz would do, which is of course a very good thing. I can actually imagine a lot of Will fans liking it. It’s very catchy but smooth, danceable in a laid-back way and generally extremely lovely. It could easily be a massive hit but in a popworld where Babycakes goes to no.1 yet Annie misses the top 20, there is little hope of the single-buying-public suddenly acquiring taste.

95% Poptastic!

Anastacia – Welcome To My Truth

Continuing the trend for cute clips of children in videos, Anastacia takes a tip from Ronan and Elton and shoves in some little girls to make it look all homely and harmless. The song, however, isn’t quite Sick And Tired but it’s still better than any of her old singles apart from her funky girl power moment Paid My Dues. I doubt she’ll be able to go top 10 with this with it being the 3rd single from a pretty successful album, but she has chosen the right song to release in my opinion (although I have only listened to the album twice…).

73% Poptastic!

Eminem – Just Lose It

I can’t stand Eminem but I gave this one a chance cos I’d understood that it was a bit different to his past singles, yet it is in fact exactly the same. Where is the promised electro aceness? Not here! And the video is as unfunny and in parts revolting as ever. So it’s a surefire no.1.

16% Poptastic!

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