Video Killed The Radio Star

Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

I’m not a Green day fan in any way, but with this new single I am surprisingly impressed. I had heard that their new CD is their poppiest yet, and this is a pop/rock anthem that you can’t fail to sway along to. I love how it whooshes into the chorus and I can’t help singing along – this could easily be, and deserves to be, a huge hit.

84% Poptastic!

Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning

I never imagined the Sunday Morning video as anything other than a relaxed Sunday trip out to the countryside or a windy beach, but I absolutely love the video that they’ve come up with. It’s basically clips of the band singing the song in a recording studio interspersed with various people singing it in a karaoke club. Near the end you can hear the karaoke singers join in and what could be cheesy and song-ruining in fact makes it all the more brilliant. This is one of the best songs on an absolutely amazing album which should sell even more copies to anyone who wasn’t already persuaded that they are the topsest band around!

98% Poptastic!

Nadia – A Little Bit Of Action

This song could have gone 2 ways, unbearably cheesy or tacky in a good way, and although I’m not yet entirey sure I think it’s thankfully going for the latter. Ignoring the stupid “Yeah, whatever! Please!” talky bit at the end, it’s very catchy and fun and her singing voice isn’t half as annoying as I expected. Ok so she’s obviously no Christina Aguilera but the producers have doen a reasonable job of covering up that fact and making the song fairly listenable. I think this might just do a bit better than Big Brother winner Craig’s Christmas single 4 years ago…

67% Poptastic!

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