Video Killed The Radio Star

Hanson – Lost Without Each Other
Who would have thought the new Hanson album could hold an even better song than Penny & Me? But it does and this is it. It’s a very upbeat, rock’n’roll singalong track, that should confirm to any doubters that Hanson are as ace as ever and remind all the old skool fans why they liked them in the first place. The video is not very exciting as it is in black and white, doesn’t have anyone out of the OC in it and you can hardly even see the Hanson boys with all the close-ups, blurry long-shots and fast movingness in general.
94% Poptastic!

Sara Jorge – Shock To The System
I was expecting this to be another pointless dance track for some reason, but Sara Jorge turns out to be a brand new, highly tarty bottle blonde pop girl. The song is a bit messy but the chorus is really quite catchy. The video is a bit like Phixx’s first two videos, which would be a good thing if this one actually had Phixx in it. I knew with a few seconds of this song that it would have a cheesy rap somewhere along the line, and sure enough, I was right!
74% Poptastic!

Alsou – Always On My Mind
Miss “everyone loves me in Russia!” Alsou is back on planet pop with this new single, far less poptastic than her previous excellent semi-hit Before You Love Me (recently cheapened with a Kelly Llorenna cover) or her ace Eurovision entry Solo, but not entirely terrible – and at least it’s pop music, something severely lacking in the charts of late. It’s a bit slow, verging on r’n’b and far too occupied with trying desperately to be sexy, but the song is a grower. The chances of it being a hit are smaller than Kylie’s hotpants, but it’s nice to see a familiar face from the dumper making a return, and just in time for Eurovision too!
67% Poptastic!

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