10 Brilliant Videos Not Seen In The UK

If you’re a bit bored at any point this half-term, why not click on the titles below and check out some of these utterly genius music videos!

1. Jason Mraz – You And I Both
Not only is this one of my favourite songs but it also has a really ace video. Disco dancing in a bank! The manager and even the police are soon joining in. It’s like Weapon Of Choice meets Saturday Night Fever! The most amusing thing is this song is essentially a ballad so you would expect some lovey dovey video, but no, he appears to be robbing a bank.

2. Vanessa Carlton – White Houses
There are 2 Vanessas in this video – one playing the piano while the other dances around the room in a rather Kate Bush-esque way. It’s also her best song by far, in my opinion, with great lyrics.

3. Christian Walz – Maybe Not
Instead of people dancing in this video, it’s everything in Christian’s house, from the saucepan to the paintings on the wall! He also looks very very lovely in this video.

4. Alcazar – Shine On
You may think Crying At The Discotheque was Alcazar’s debut single, but in Sweden it was in fact this “bombastique ballad” as their very interesting discography calls it. Also very worth seeing if you haven’t already is the absolutely hilarious Crying At The Discotheque video with dancers in rather fetching animal costumes! Also look out for Alexander Bard’s cameo as the cameraman.

5. Pay TV – Trendy Discotheque
Readers of Popjustice.com (which should be all of you!) will already have seen the video for this genius Swedish girl group’s Melodifestivalen entry/new single, Refrain Refrain. Trendy Discotheque was their brilliant electro-pop debut, with a video just as ace. They have an album planned for May which I seriously cannot wait to hear.

6. A-teens – Dancing Queen
Not their best single by any means, but the video is so old-skool poptastic, you have to love it. It was clearly the influence for both S Club Jnrs’ One Step Closer and Amy Studt’s Misfit. The unrealistic-ness of the teacher not hearing them makes it all the acer. The boys also look worryingly buff for 15-yr-olds or whatever they were at the time.

7. Ace Of Base – Travel To Romantis
This was one of my favourites from their excellent 1998 Flowers album but didn’t get a UK release despite it’s brilliance. Note: Sitting on plane runways is for Swedish pop stars only. Don’t try this at home!

8. ATC – New York City
They think they’re Alcazar, and they’re not but they’re not entirely rubbish either. Plus, the boys are buff (although one of them is a cross between Darren Hayes and Keith Duffy) and one of the girls looks a bit like Kimberley GA (sometimes), although more like Lisa Scott-Lee. I love Joe (the buff boy)’s quote on their official site: “Being a prat of “A Touch Of Class” is truly a dream come true! I love it!”

9. The Donnas – Too Bad About Your Girl
It’s got Adam Brody in it! What more do you need to know?!

10. Maria Solheim – The Snow Has Killed
This has to be the cutest song and video I’ve ever seen/heard, although it is way too sunny to be Christmas in Norway.

Other discoveries on my travels of the world wide web:

1. Samaire Armstrong is two-timing Hanson with some bloke named Daniel Powter. What would Seth say?

2. Don’t listen to the new Arash song unless you want to be singing “take a take a cardy” for the rest of your life.

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