Vengababes from Outer MySpace

Here are some of the acest things I’ve seen recently on the most rubbishly brilliant site on the Internet:

Shut Up, Stella!

I was drawn to king of snarky gossip sites Perez Hilton’s post on this new girl group mainly cos of their bitchy name, colourful clothes and the fact that one member is a female rapper. In fact, she goes by the name of Fan_3 and you may remember her solo single Geek Love from 2004 or her appearances on various Disney soundtracks around that time. Sadly she didn’t get very far alone so she’s drafted in some girly mates to make some utterly brilliant pop music. Picture In The Tabloids could be Gwen Stefani, while Forget To Remember sounds like Solid HarmoniE or Girl Thing reincarnated. Loads of fun with a Spice Girls-esque sense of crazy unpredictability.

Aaron Buckingham

Remember that name? Those of you who do will be excited to hear that yes this is Aaron from V and he is back… sort of. He has created a MySpace music profile with his very nice version of Another Day In Paradise on it. Aaron really seems to love pop music and knows all about it, so it would be lovely if he could gain the success he deserves, but in the current musical landscape it seems sadly unlikely. I had no idea he was in Latvian Eurovision – is this true or is he joking? I’d like to hear his entry if it is true. You should also follow the link to his ex-band member Kevin’s page where you can play spot the ex-popstar in his photography (hint: his pop career was over before he even reached adulthood).

The Pipettes

The next Pipettes single is a very wisely chosen Judy and the girls’ MySpace is now the exclusive home of the b-sides, previous rareties Simon Says and the very rude Feminist Complaints, and a new song called The Burning Ambition. Judy is out on the 25th of September so you must all rush out to your local record emporium and get yourself a copy. In the meantime you can learn the words to these 3 tracks in preparation for singing along to the single when you’ve bought it, or alternatively you can listen to (or buy if you don’t have it already) their brilliant album on repeat for the next 28 days. Not a very difficult task, I think you’ll agree!

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