Shampoo – Viva La Megababes
Shampoo are one of the acest bands in pop history and this is their very acest song. I’d never been able to see the video before so I was very excited to find it had recently been added to YouTube, and of course I had to share it with my lovely readers. If you can find any video that brings more pure poptastic joy than this one, I will be very surprised.

Lisa Miskovsky – Mary
I posted this song on Into The Groove recently but now I’ve seen the video I have to provide it for your admiration and amusement, as it’s a totally brilliant circus-themed affair. Purple lipstick, a woman in a tutu, wings and fake beard and not to mention Lisa herself having 4 arms and 4 legs! This is something special.

Melody Club – Baby
I’m at risk of going overboard on the praise this week, but here is another amazing and brilliant pop band performing my no.1 favourite of their songs. There are loads of great synth-pop groups around right now but Melody Club are my personal favourite and I can’t wait for their new album which they’re working on now with Klas Anders (from Teddybears Sthlm and producer of Robyn’s last CD), as well as the solo album of their bassist Niklas who is also known as the lead singer of The Mo.

Ashley Tisdale – Kiss The Girl
You may recognise Ashley as one of the baddies in High School Musical, but in real life she’s much more likeable and comes across very well in this music video for her new rock-pop version of Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid, which she has recorded for a new DVD release of the film. She’s kind of like Hilary Duff but less perfect, more real and more fun.

After Dark – Kom Ut
Here’s a great fun single that’s currently doing well in Sweden. It was the theme song to Stockholm Gay Pride 2006, a Swedish version of the PSBs’ Go West, already a gay anthem, and I believe the title translates literally as “Come Out”. The video shows the drag queen pop group After Dark parodying several “schlager queens”, such as recent Swedish Eurovision entrants Carola and Lena Philipsson.

This week’s top 5:

Strangely it’s a tie between places 2 to 5, with the following songs getting 10 votes each…

Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous
Alesha – Lipstick
Jamelia – Something About You
JoJo – Too Little Too Late

But retaining the no.1 spot is…

Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
I am still absolutely loving this single and so very glad that the Scissors are back to make everything sparkly and ace, although Jake’s high-pitched singing does need a little fine-tuning. Still, this was the first live TV performance of this track and I’m sure they’ll have plenty more ahead of them to get it spot on.

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