Unsigned Month: Introducing Twigs

Twigs‘ music may not appeal to the pop purists among you, but believe me, there is a fantastic pop star under this artsy cool facade. Twigs, aka Tahliah Barnett, has been on the music scene for a few years, appearing as a model/dancer in videos for Jessie J, Dionne Bromfield and others, and performing at showcase nights around London. It seemed strange to me that she hadn’t broken through, but I was certain that she eventually would.

Now things finally seem to be falling into place for this stunning young girl, who exudes star quality. She has at long last launched her Youtube channel and has so far posted two videos, both very weird and anti-mainstream, with no images of Twigs herself. The fact that they have been so well received even by people who have no idea what Twigs looks like is pretty exciting, as when they do see her they’ll undoubtedly be even more obsessed. She’s rumoured to have interest from XL and I’m sure the majors will be sniffing around too. Once she puts out a video with herself as the focus, she’ll have her pick of them all.


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