Unsigned Month: Introducing Bluebell

One of my favourite unsigned indie-pop acts in the UK is Bluebell. They are a duo, made up of producer Charlie Westhropp and singer Annabel Jones, and their singles have an electro-pop sound. However, when I saw them live the set was much rockier than I expected, which I actually enjoyed – the energy and vocals were great, and it gives them something to set them apart from all the other girl/boy electro duos on the edges of Planet Pop.

Bluebell have become known for their Tumblr-esque DIY videos, with no video footage of the band themselves online (except the odd appearance in Normal Heights). They’ve had lots of support from the indie blogging world, but pop fans should give them a chance too as their songs are sweet and catchy. I also really like Annabel herself and think she would make an interesting pop star. Watch her here talking about the importance of her image as a singer, and managing to question the pressure to conform without getting too “it’s all about the music, man!”


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