Unsigned Month: Introducing Rainy Milo

For the past few months Rainy Milo has been a blog darling, but her new EP Limey marks a change in sound that should put her name on the lips of even the most casual music fans. The aspirational yet intimidating coolness of previous songs has been replaced with an enchanting vocal warmth and lyrical intelligence beyond Rainy’s teenage years. I’m somehow reminded of both Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, and on the basis of this EP I can genuinely see this girl matching their success.

Rainy has apparently declined all the record label offers she’s received so far, stating the reason that it was too early to sign. The buzz that releasing a free EP as exciting as Limey will create should massively increase the advance she gets as well. With her unique name, great look and beautiful voice, Rainy has everything she needs to become a huge star. Now we just have to sit back and watch it happen.


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