Future Stars: Troye Sivan (EMI Australia)

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In 2014, YouTube vloggers are the celebs with the most direct influence on teenagers. By inviting viewers into their lives, they seem more accessible than pop stars or film stars, and this creates a highly engaged and dedicated fanbase. Australian Troye Sivan, age 19, has demonstrated this with his new single, the first step in his attempt to evolve from vlogger to pop star. Happy Little Pill is dark and strange compared to typical teen-pop, and doesn't sound like any other artist his age. Nonetheless, it reached no.1 on the iTunes worldwide chart and no.3 in the UK. While this is impressive, Troye now has to not only prove to the music world that he deserves his success, but also keep his fans on board as he repositions himself as a pop star. Just like an X Factor winner, his fans care about the personality and story more than the music. No vlogger has successfully made this transition yet, but X Factor winners have. It’s possible, but some very clever marketing is required!


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