Future Stars: Transviolet (Epic Records)

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The music scene is inundated with promising new girl singers at the moment, but there are surprisingly few female-fronted bands. That gives Transviolet a bit of an advantage, as the LA-based group's sound has been compared to to Halsey, Lorde and Lana Del Rey, but they stand out as a different proposition. They’ve uploaded three songs to Soundcloud, and each one has made the Hype Machine top 5, with latest (and best so far) release New Bohemia topping the chart. They also have famous fans in Katy Perry and Harry Styles. The three tracks are all consistently strong with a high standard of songwriting and production. Transviolet don’t include details of their record label or management on their social media, but this clearly isn’t an amateur bedroom project. I felt a bit cynical being so suspicious, but sure enough I soon discovered via iTunes that they’re actually signed to Epic. I also found out that they’ve been together since 2011, formerly under the name Noise Floor. I’m usually annoyed by major label artists pretending to be unsigned to avoid the stigma of associating with the corporate side of the music industry, but in this case the fake-grassroots marketing strategy has been quite cleverly executed and the music is good, so they’re forgiven. If you’re in London, you can catch Transviolet supporting the brilliant BØRNS in November.


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