Top 10 Best Rock Songs Ever

Since I apparently have such good taste in rock music, here are the top 10 best rock songs ever according to me:

1. Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby
I may not be the biggest rock fan but rock is a huge genre so to be my favourite rock song of all time is still pretty impressive. Head Automatica are actually a side project of the singer (who resembles Jake Gyllenhaal’s rebellious older brother) from another much harder rock band called Glassjaw, but the synth-loving offshoot are far superior. None of their other songs are anywhere near the might of this one, but who needs any more good songs when you have one like this? It also has one of the best performance videos I’ve ever seen. (Video)

2. Within Temptation – Running Up That Hill
This Dutch goth-pop act have made many great songs, but I’ve forced myself to only pick one and there was no way I couldn’t pick this, the Kate Bush cover that made me love both Within Temptation and Kate Bush a million times more than I already did. Other great songs include Stand My Ground and Memories. (Video)

3. All American Rejects – Move Along
This is of course a brand new single and I’ve only liked it for about 2 weeks, so hopefully I won’t come to regret giving it such a high placing. This song just has a great catchy melody and the singer is quite good looking as well. When AAR first released a single in the UK they were compared to Busted. That song, Swing Swing, was OK, but this is miles better. (Video)

4. Subways – Oh Yeah
This time last year I loved this song and now they’re making a comeback of sorts with a re-release of the follow-up single Rock & Roll Queen and a recent appearance on The OC. I’m not sure whether they’ll ever get really big, but I’ll take them over Arctic Monkeys any day. (Video)

5. Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot
Well, everyone knows this one but it was the first track I heard by the Kaisers (like the Delays and the Sugababes, the first time I heard of them was when they entered the charts) and for months afterwards it was the only song of theirs I’d heard, so I listened to it a lot while waiting to hear what else they had and whether it would be any good. Of course it was good, but now it’s become so over-played my enthusiasm has really run out. (the original much acer video)

6. Lacuna Coil – Swamped
This lot certainly fulfil the scary quota necessary for true rock music, but they also fulfil the aceness quota which is slightly less prevailent. They’re Italian if I remember correctly, but they’re quite comparable to Within Temptation or their less ace cousins Nightwish. This song is absolutely anthemic and with the inclusion of weirdo bloke it’s not lacking in comedy either! (Video)

7. Lifehouse – Hanging By A Moment
This was a small hit in the UK a few years ago but it seemed to be much bigger in Denmark where I went on holiday around the time of it’s release. I was quite obsessed with the song and even bought the single – admittedly it was in the bargain bin in Virgin Megastore about 2 years later, but I bought it and that’s what counts! Sadly they have since lost some members to the Calling and become rubbish, but they’re still popular in America. (Video)

8. Franz Ferdinand – Michael
I’m not a devoted fan of the Franz, but I’ve liked several of their songs and I loved this one. Anyone who brings gay undertones to the super-straight land of rock music deserves a round of applause. I’ve been pretty disappointed by what I’ve heard of the new Franz album, although the video for new single The Fallen is very good and I don’t mind Do You Want To. (Video)

9. Nu Pagadi – Sweetest Poison
I love Nu Pagadi because they arrived on the German music scene in a way that every other rock band would snarl at – they were the winners of a German Popstars programme. The German verses of this song make it sound extra-scary while the English chorus means we can all sing along. (Video)

10. American Hi-Fi – Flavor Of The Weak
I shouldn’t like this song because it sounds like so many terrible ones, but I really do! It was released at the time when nu-metal and pop-punk were all the rage, but it didn’t get the success it deserved, much more than the bands who did have hits at least. The video also seems to have inspired the Backstreet Boys! Busted wished they had a song as good as this. (Video)


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