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Shayne Ward – No Promises
I posted the original version of this song on Into The Groove a couple of weeks ago, and here at last is Shayne’s version. It’s a ballad, I suppose you could call it Westlife-y but it’s a bit better than that suggests. The original sounds quite similar to If You’re Not The One, but this version doesn’t so much. Shayne has a quite similar voice to Bryan Rice, who sang it first and I think wrote it, but the arrangement of the song has changed. It’s less powerful entering the chorus and loses some of the sleekness of the original, but gains poptasticness as it’s faster
with an added poppy beat. It is to Bryan’s version what Rachel’s Nothing Good About This Goodbye was to Alexis Strum’s. I think Darin would be quite happy to release this (it’s better than most of his ballads), so I shall allow it from Shayne, as long as his next song is the aceness he needs – and I deserve for attempting to support him against the masses!
76% Poptastic!

Lorraine – I Feel It
There’s been a lot of hype from Popjustice and other sites about this band, and although I do like their new single a lot, I’m not sure it quite deserves that extent of praise. Still, they’re Norwegian and that’s always something worth getting excited about. They are also influenced by the Pet Shop Boys – an undeniable positive. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about them, I just don’t feel like running down the street shouting about them quite yet. However, I’m quite happy for them to change my mind!
80% Poptastic!

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