This Must Be Pop brings you Future Pop! (Issue #31)

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Future Stars

Azealia Banks has hardly established herself and already there are several girl rappers on her heels, aiming for the same “indie kids who want to seem multicultural” market. Dominique is certainly following this route, with support from The Guardian and Stereogum – her latest video even premiered on This Is Fake DIY! She recently announced she's signed a worldwide deal with Sony, and with her colourful, fashionable look and animated, cutesy rapping style, she's definitely got what it takes to make an impact on the charts.
A few months ago it was rumoured that Swedish girl duo Icona Pop were close to being dropped from Mercury Records, showing why most alternative pop acts wait for breakthrough success before signing to a major, so they don't have to compete with acts with more obvious commercial appeal. I haven't had any confirmation from the label or act as to what happened in the end but if they were dropped I think Mercury may regret it, as Icona Pop's exuberant new single I Love It is rapidly winning over fans in the pop and indie worlds. If it gets the mainstream exposure it deserves, it could be a huge hit.
Following the success of Rudimental, their labelmates at indie label Black Butter, The Other Tribe have signed to Relentless (part of Sony, also home to Misha B) and could well have a summer dance hit of their own on the way. Within just a few months, their latest single Skirts has generated huge online buzz and earned them slots at festivals including Isle of Wight and Bestival. Their sound is creative dance music with bloke appeal and memorable lyrics that would fit perfectly on Radio 1, although their try-hard outfits and slight novelty factor makes me think they might not have that much longevity.


Future Hits

This week's playlist features five songs by international artists that I think could be huge hits if they were released and promoted in the UK:
  • Dab & Sissa – Life (Rule The World)
  • Hedley – Kiss You Inside Out
  • Kidd Russell – Are We Having Fun Yet
  • Michael Mind Project ft. Dante Thomas – Feeling So Blue
  • Simple Plan ft. Sean Paul – Summer Paradise
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