Sunday Night Quiz: Spot the pop stars!

It’s amazing how many people decide they want to be a pop star once they become famous for something else. Do you remember which of these celebs tried to forge pop careers?

  1. Adam Garcia
  2. Elle MacPherson
  3. Eddie Murphy
  4. Ulrika Jonsson
  5. Ryan Seacrest
  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt
  7. Kate Winslet
  8. Demi Moore

Leave your answers in the comments box below. The truth will be revealed next Sunday!

And here are the answers from last week: 1, 4 and 6 were false, while 2, 3, 5, 7 and 8 were true. Well done to Chad B who got them all right!


  1. This week was tough! You never know what gets into a celebrity's mind and why they suddenly think everyone wants to hear them sing. Here are my guesses:
    4.I'm a Texan. Who is this person? I'm going to say no.
    5.No. I've heard him sing at various times. I hope to God no.
    8.This one I went back and forth on. I'm going to guess yes.
    Love this blog!!!

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