Future Stars: Thirdstory (Unsigned)

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Considering how many artists are attempting to launch themselves as “YouTube stars” these days, those managing to achieve mainstream success are few and far between. The trick now is to use YouTube to get signed, then go into development and launch to the general public without being restricted by the “YouTube artist” tag, like 5 Seconds of Summer and Ariana Grande have done. Nonetheless, YouTube can still be a great launching pad for acts with a distinctive style and ability that makes their content shareable. Thirdstory are an example of this. We all laughed when One True Voice demanded to be called a “vocal harmony group,” not a boyband, but that description is perfect for Thirdstory. Richard Saunders, Ben Lusher, and Elliott Skinner are three talented, experienced singers who have realised they’re stronger together and spotted a gap in the market for a group of this kind. Imagine if Sam Smith, George Ezra and Kwabs formed a group, remove a few layers of cool (they are still a YouTube act, after all), and that’s Thirdstory. It’s still early days, but after uploading only two cover videos they’re already selling out shows in New York.


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