Future Stars: QT (XL Recordings)

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

The label/genre PC Music has been on my radar for a while but I haven’t featured any of the acts for two reasons. Firstly, Future Pop is about predicting the next big thing, and I don’t believe PC Music is going to be a commercial success. Secondly, the scene hasn’t got a clear frontrunner in terms of an artist who could break through. I considered featuring Sophie, but I’d rather not promote a man who uses the lack of successful female producers as a marketing tactic for himself. Hannah Diamond is often named as a PC Music act who could cross over, but I think if this genre ever creates a hit it will be a novelty single, and the most likely candidate is QT’s track Hey QT. QT stands for Quinn Thomas, a character created by performance artist Hayden Dunham. Hey QT, her debut single produced by Sophie and PC Music founder A.G. Cook, was released through XL last August, but only got a music video this month. The mildly catchy song is a parody of cheap, dated pop music, clearly made by people who think they’re above pop, but believe they’re making a statement by creating this soulless caricature of it. In fact, they’ve just erased everything that’s great about pop. If you want exaggerated, over-polished, unashamedly cheesy pop, I suggest you immerse yourself in the fascinating wealth of J-pop and K-pop videos on YouTube instead.


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