The Next Big Thing?

Jessica Jarrell
If Vanessa from The Saturdays were to ever go solo, I imagine the end result would be something like this. Jessica is a few years younger at 15, but has a similar look and sound to Vanessa, especially in her new single Up & Running. Jessica, who also reminds me of a young Christina Milian, has been around, building momentum for about a year now. First she released an amazing dance-pop single called Armageddon, then she appeared on Justin Bieber’s album for a duet. She released a dull single called Almost Love a few months ago, but now she’s finally realising her potential with the ace new song. I do still prefer Armageddon personally, but Up & Running sounds like a hit, and Jessica is definitely one to watch.
Hit potential: 77% Poptasticness: 83%

Talay Riley
I must admit I actually thought Talay was a girl until this week, but now I have been corrected and am excited to see what he is all about, especially as I hear he’s been working with some of the world’s biggest and best songwriters, including Ryan Tedder, Claude Kelly and Savan Kotecha. His debut single Humanoid will go to radio in a few weeks ahead of its October release, and the tracks on his MySpace suggest he’s going for a Taio Cruz-meets-Usher kind of sound. I love Taio but hate Usher so we’ll see how I feel about his music. With those great writers I’ll be keen to hear the album. Check out free download Heartbreaker and my fave so far, Make You Mine.
Hit potential: 89% Poptasticness: 76%


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