The Next Big Thing?

Nina Nesbitt
A pretty girl, a good voice, but my god she’s boring! So far Nina’s only posted cover videos on YouTube but she’s attracting lots of buzz, already set to support Example on tour, and with her looks and talent is sure to be a big major label project in 2012. I may be wrong, but I think a lot of money is going to be wasted on this girl. If she wants to release singer-songwriter type music, she’s going to need to be a good songwriter herself, and so far we have no proof of that. Of course we have no proof that she’s not a good songwriter either, but anyone who can make a no.1 dance hit into a totally snoozetastic mumblefest isn’t off to a great start. Even if she is given great songs by other writers, she doesn’t have the energy or personality to do them justice, and that’s actually much more important in an artist than being pretty or even being talented. If you don’t stand out you won’t be noticed, let alone remembered.
Poptasticness: 24% Hit potential: 45%

Jordan Jansen
Another day, another Bieber. This one’s kind of cute, in a terribly precocious way. He seems more the type to be playing the part of Oliver Twist than hanging out with Usher, and he really cannot pull off a sideways baseball cap. He can’t even pull off a woolly hat. He really just needs to stay away from hats altogether. Jordan is 13 and Australian, but has nonetheless been signed up by top US-based producer Toby Gad and David Sonenberg, the manager of the Black Eyed Peas. This is all down to his hits on YouTube, which are approaching 15 million. As I wrote a few weeks ago, signing up a YouTube star always seems like a great idea as you have a ready-made audience, but what works on YouTube doesn’t necessarily work in the wider world. In fact, YouTube could be described as the Britain’s Got Talent of the Internet. It’s about entertainment, not music, and when Jordan’s fans are deciding what to buy on iTunes there won’t be a cute little kid in front of them, there’ll be an average Bieber-esque song that doesn’t stand a chance in the charts.
Poptasticness: 40% Hit potential: 27%


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