The Next Big Thing?

Oh My!
I tweet about Oh My! all the time, attend their monthly club night and have seen them live three times, so I was surprised to realise I’ve never blogged about them before. For those unaware, Oh My! are a female pop duo signed to the same mini-label as Marina and the Diamonds and Little Boots. There is something of an indie approach to the way the band are being presented to the public (small gigs, free downloads etc) but the music is proper pop. I’m not a fan of Example myself, but he has produced some of Oh My!’s songs and it demonstrates that he does have talent – it’s just in being a producer, not a popstar. So far the girls, who are trained dancers as well as talented singers, have released two free downloads (which you can find here) and have their first proper single, Dirty Dancer, on the way soon. They’re already carving out their own unique sound which is a blend of Example-style rave-pop, cute indie-pop and full on girlband pop – all things that have a big place in the public’s hearts. Now we just have to wait and see whether people like those things combined into one colourful and energetic package. I’m really hoping they do!
Poptasticness: 85% Hit potential: 64%

My Little Pony
I’ve been getting back into Scandinavian indie-pop lately. It’s a great haven to visit when mainstream pop is uninspiring, as you can always find something lovely and untarnished by trend-chasing in the Scandi indie-pop world. My latest discovery is My Little Pony, a Norwegian band who I loved as soon as I heard their name, and luckily they didn’t turn out to be moody metallers ironically naming themselves after a children’s toy. My Little Pony actually are as cute as My Little Pony! They’ve been around a few years and in that time released several fun songs with great videos, which you can check out in this playlist. Cute Norwegian boys, balloons, old people looking confused – they’ve got it all! My Little Pony are not at all groundbreaking so I think there’s very little chance of them gaining any substantial success outside of the Scandi indie-pop scene, but they are one of the best in this genre that I’ve discovered recently so they’re definitely worth a listen if you’re a fan of I’m From Barcelona, Hello Saferide etc.
Poptasticness: 72% Hit potential: 15%

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