The Next Big Thing?

FM Belfast
I really wanted to like this group, because they’re quite pretty and cool-looking, and they’re fron Iceland, one of the world’s acest countries. I wasn’t convinced by the first 2 songs on their MySpace, but those that followed were much more appealing, positioning FM Belfast as the Icelandic answer to The Knife. I particularly like Tropical, but like The Knife, although they’re interesting and sometimes enjoyable, I wouldn’t want to listen to a whole album at once.
Hit Potential: 25% Poptasticness: 60%

Frank Hamilton
The music world is not lacking in young lads playing acoustic indie music at the moment, but there’s a sense of humility and unpretentiousness about Frank Hamilton which makes me prefer him to most of the others. His music is jolly and lyrics are realist but not in the self-important way of Jack Penate or Jamie T. He’s not proclaiming himself to be the voice of the youth of today, he’s just playing some nice music with thoughtful lyrics.
Hit Potential: 40% Poptasticness: 70%

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