Sort of exciting news!

You may remember my obsession with a very little-known English/Icelandic male/female duo called The Honeymoon who supported Darren Hayes on tour and released an amazing album called Dialogue a few years ago. They disappeared and the Icelandic girl, Thorunn, was later spotted as a member of super-bores Fields. Now it’s the turn of the English boy, Wayne (who was also a member of Catch, but doesn’t seem to mention this anywhere!), to have another go at success. He is the frontman of a new country band called Boy Cried Wolf. It’s not the most poptastic of sounds, but his voice is lovely, if only cos it reminds me of those amazing Honeymoon songs. It does have a beautiful gentleness (shown for example in When You Cry You Cry Alone), however, and his ability to write incredible songs surely still exists. The Honeymoon’s songs were growers, so I’m going to spend some time with these tracks, and see if an obsession emerges. I’ll definitely be going to see the band when they play Brighton’s Great Escape Festival in May.

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