The Next Big Thing?

Ace Young
It’s this time of year, when American Idol approaches its exciting climax, that even its most forgotten alumni take their turns at achieving success. OK, so Ace isn’t quite the most forgotten (how could I forget his amazing name?), but I hadn’t thought of him for a while, and I doubt many people are eagerly anticipating his music, especially as he came 7th in the show 2 years ago. Apparently he did release a song on iTunes called Scattered in 2006, but now he’s having another try in the wake of the success of his fellow contestant Chris Daughtry, whose single It’s Not Over he contributed to the writing of. Addicted is somewhere between pop, rock and r’n’b, quite a catchy song but a bit dated perhaps, very boyband. Still it should go down well enough with the teen-pop fans, and I like it enough, but I can’t say I find it at all addictive.
Hit potential: 22% Poptasticness: 67%

As In RebekkaMaria
She used to be in a band called Lampshade (no, me neither) but now RebekkaMaria has gone solo and just released her first album, Queen Of France. She’s not French, though, she’s Swedish, as you’ll know from her music which fits in well with Lykke Li or The Knife. There’s even a hint of Norway’s finest Margaret Berger in Soul To My Soul. I have to say though that I don’t enjoy her music nearly as much as those I’ve mentioned above, and I don’t think she’s destined for as much success. Of course, this kind of music is very popular currently so I’m sure she’ll still gain plenty of fans, but I think I’ll still with my Lykke and Margaret for now.
Hit potential: 34% Poptasticness: 65%

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