The Next Big Thing?

The Clique Girlz
OK, this is scary: one of them was born in 1996! When you also know their names are Destinee, Paris and Ariel, you’ll be forgiven for being very dubious, but this group’s songs are not too bad compared to some Disney acts. Their rock sound is at least a little more convincing than the watered-down rubbish that Aly & AJ have often tried to fob fans off with, and with a really good song (they have one called The Difference which is semi-good) they could be pretty big, I think. Their songs are written by John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi, but I have to say their work is never a thing on the Swedish rock-pop writers. I presume the idea is to make them a female Jonas Brothers or a group of mini-Avrils, and they may succeed, although it’s pretty rare for female rock groups to do well – see Lillix, who were amaing (and over 13) and never got anywhere, really.
Hit potential: 62% Poptasticness: 58%

Jamie Lidell
Not a new artist of course, but a possibility for future stardom. Jamie made a brilliant song called Multiply on his last album, and its success has led him to make a whole album in this more mainstream style. There’s a lot on the line here, as he’s been accused of selling out (he actually began as an electro artist), but I personally think the great reception to Multiply, which was the song that introduced many people to him in the first place, shows that he is likely to do quite well with this new direction. I don’t know if any of the songs are going to be big hits, and in fact I don’t like any as much as Multiply, but all of those I’ve heard so far have been good. With his retro sound yet definite coolness, he could even be something of a male Amy Winehouse. Only time will tell!
Hit potential: 70% Poptasticness: 70%

This guy (who is thankfully not Tim Kash under a pseudonym) is very similar to Frankmusik on some of his tracks, but I actually think Kash has more potential. This is because he shows more versatility and willingness to tailor himself to the pop market, whereas Frankmusik is more of a niche artist, and his somewhat abrasive (although enjoyable) sound will not have the widest appeal, despite the fact I think it’s great innovative pop music. Songs like Swings & Roundabouts place Kash in the Frankmusik category, but combined with tracks like poptastic Delete My Number and ballad To Have Not To Hold remind me more of Daniel Bedingfield, or even Will Young (the former) or Take That (the latter) at times! I’m really excited to find this artist (via the ever-ace #1 Hits) and hope he will go on to become as huge as I think he has the possibility to be.
Hit potential: 65% Poptasticness: 92%

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