The Next Big Bieber?

Ulrik Munther
Considering Ulrik Munther is often described as the Swedish Justin Bieber and got his start representing Sweden in Junior Eurovision, you’d think I’d be documenting his every move here on This Must Be Pop. But sadly so far he’s been giving Sweden a pretty bad reputation in the race to provide the next Biebs. His debut single Boys Don’t Cry and the other songs he’s posted on YouTube have all been incredibly boring, and he’s not even very cute. However, some new tracks leaked this week and finally he’s showing his Swedishness. Some of them even sound a bit like Erik Hassle! Check out The Box and Fake It via Swedish Stereo, both really strong current-sounding pop-rock tracks. His voice even sounds quite Hanson-esque, which is always a good thing. If this is what we can expect from Ulrik’s debut album then I’ll definitely be getting a copy.
Poptasticness: 76% Hit potential: 90% (in Sweden)

Tyler Medeiros
This new Canadian Bieber on the block may be the least inspiring yet. His current single Say I Love You (Please Don’t Go) has the sound of Jesse McCartney and the sentiment of Aaron Carter. Teenage girls do love a cheesy romantic message in their male idols’ music, but it needs to be a little more genuine and heartfelt than this. Their reactions to missing out on concert tickets may suggest otherwise, but the Beliebers are not totally stupid, and the more artists that are targeting their affections, the more discerning they will be. When Bieber came along, he had little competition and could get away with such cringe-worthy manipulation fodder as One Less Lonely Girl, but now teenage girls have choices… and they’re not going to choose Tyler Medeiros. I do, however, think there could be a great career ahead for mini rapper Lil Twist. OK, he does sound a bit like a cartoon character, but he is super-cute and super-cool. And his voice will break soon enough…
Poptasticness: 51% Hit potential: 35%


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