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JoJo – Disaster (Listen)
After 5 years and what feels like hundreds of leaks and rumoured singles, we finally have the official first single from JoJo’s third album! Considering how long ago her previous hits feel, at 20 years old she’s actually still as young as the average new popstar, so I hope the music industry will give her a chance to find her feet as a grown-up artist. However, the fact that her new single sounds just like her old stuff will be a blessing and a curse. It’s great for me and other fans of her previous hits, as she’s giving us the kind of music we want from her, but the fact that it sounds so similar to songs she released 5 or even 7 years ago will automatically let her in for criticism that the song is dated. And it’s fair to say that this isn’t futuristic innovative music, but it’s good quality, well-written urban-pop music. Still, it’s not as strong as Leave (Get Out) or Too Little Too Late, which will undoubtedly be her continual problem. When you start your career so well you’re always going to have a lot to live up to.
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iFFY the Bad Man – Do You (Watch)
iFFY isn’t featured on a big artist’s single, he’s not part of any cool new scene and he hasn’t worked with anyone especially exciting. There’s nothing about him that’s of note, apart from the fact that his new single is really quite good. Now there are two questions we await the answer to: a) Is it possible to have a hit without being ‘of note’ in any way? and b) Is the song good enough that its quality alone makes it ‘of note’? Do You is a catchy, soulful track, but it doesn’t have the gimmick that similar songs which have been successful recently have i.e. it’s no I Need A Dollar, Billionaire or Forget You. Its retro feel and strong vocals make it very radio friendly, but will there be a place for an unknown un-noteworthy artist on the radio playlists which get smaller and less adventurous every year? Despite his ridiculous name, iFFY seems to be a cool, charismatic guy, so I think he’d make a pretty good popstar if he gets chance to be one. I look forward to finding out!
74% Poptastic!

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