The latest craze in celebrity reality TV blogging!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Sudoku puzzle that’s currently sweeping the nation. I’m quite addicted to the computer game myself! You can play it with numbers, letters and coloured patches, so why not celebrities? Well now you can play with them too! (Oh dear, that sounds a bit wrong!). Click here to read how to play, then click on the picture below, which you can print out and cut out all the pieces or save and cut and paste them on, or if you can’t be botherd with that, you could just print it and write in the initials of each pop star (or just marvel at my geniosity, that would be fine!). You’ll notice that they’re all pop stars who now reside in the dumper just like you get on reality TV shows. The first people to work out who they all are or to show me the completed puzzle each win 3 free mp3s of their choice (so long as I have them or can find them). Good luck!

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