The Great Escape, Part 2 (Friday)

A French band, but I felt cheated cos they didn’t have very French accents at all. Therefore, what’s the point? They were alright though, at least compared to the next band.

Elle Milano
Terrible, so we were very pleased after a few songs when the power went out in the whole street! We were worried, however, that the lovely Slow Club wouldn’t be on.

Slow Club
They decided to do the gig acoustically, and it was brilliant. Definitely the best thing I’ve seen so far, even though they didn’t do Me and You, their best song. Their harmonies were great, and I love the girl’s voice and personality. They even whistled in tune with each other.

We Are Scientists
A surprise gig on the terrace of one of the venues, almost no-one knew of it so we got a great view of one of the biggest bands at this year’s festival. They were good – I only know their one famous song, but that was a great moment anyway.

Frank Hamilton
A young lad with some sweet and jolly songs, the ones where the girl joined in being the best. I’ve written about him here before, actually. He seemed like a nice guy and put on an enjoyable show, but I’m not sure if there’s enough standing ou tabout him to give him success.

Astrid Swan
She was great, but sadly I don’t think she’ll take away good memories of this gig – when we arrived we thought no-one was there (even though Leon Jean Marie had just been on), but they were all hiding in booths around the edges, then halfway through the gig some girls in hotpants on stilts came in and distracted everyone!

Boy Cried Wolf
This is the new band of Wayne Murray, who was in one of my favourite bands ever, The Honeymoon. The style is country-rock/indie, and it’s quite heavy but still melodic, so I actually really enjoyed it. He’s clearly a good songwriter, but I wish he’d go back to the lovely old style.

Sports Day Megaphone
We only watched this synth-rock singer/guitarist cos we were waiting for Alphabeat, and I must say it was terrible. Not as bad as Elle Milano or Kaiko, but certainly not someone I’ll be following in the future!

The best of the festival so far, of course, and sure not to be beaten. There aren’t many times I’m happier than watching Alphabeat, especially when at the front, right next to my favourite member, little Anders the guitar player. The crowd seemed boring, but when the band got going they came alive, and it showed the power of Alphabeat to turn people ace. They even said it was their best gig yet in Brighton. There can’t possibly be a better job in the world than being in Alphabeat!

Today I’m hoping to see The Clik Clik, Santogold and Sam Sparro, so a very poptastic day is ahead! Yay!

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