The 25 Most Poptastic Singles of 2013 – Part 1

It was tough to pick my top 25 singles of 2013 because, although there were lots of good songs released this year, I don’t remember there being that many amazing ones. I looked back through my monthly Top of the Poptastic charts and picked out my favourites to form a top 100 playlist (which I’ll post for you at the end of the month), then listened back to all the tracks to decide on a final order. I surprised myself with some of the top 25, and you might be surprised too, but I’m glad that it’s an eclectic mix. As you’ll see, there are plenty of light, cute, poppy tunes as usual, but also more dark, soul-searching moments. And, of course, lots of country songs by non-country artists, representing my favourite trend of 2013.

The 25th Most Poptastic Single of 2013

Girl Radical – Don’t Get Me Wrong

Nicki Minaj in girlband camouflage

Released: 8th Oct (USA)
Writers: JC Chasez, Jimmy Harry, Danielle Brisebois
Trivia: Girl Radical is an 11-member girlband formed by JC Chasez. After mentioning Don’t Get Me Wrong on This Must Be Pop, JC tweeted and followed me – pretty exciting as this blog is named after *N Sync’s best song!
Best bits: 1. I’m gonna love ya, I’m gonna show ya, wanna see me beg? Well then plee-ee-ee-ease!
2. Don’t get me wrong! Don’t get me wrong! No I don’t give my attention to just anyone
3. You might get a piece o’ the cake cake cake

The 24th Most Poptastic Single of 2013

Mads Langer – Elephant

Ooh, there’s an elephant standing in the room

Released: 21st January (Denmark)
Writers: Mads Langer, Jakob Hazell, Svante Halldin
Trivia: Although Mads got his first record deal in 2005, he didn’t achieve breakthrough success in his home country of Denmark until 2011, when his album Behold reached no.2. He went one better with his 2013 album In These Waters, which featured Elephant and topped the Danish album chart in March.
Best bits: 1. She is so beautiful and I’m afraid of breaking her, and I feel like I am an elephant in a porcelain shop
2. I wanna lay her down in a sea of roses and we will just float away, I wanna carry her all around town and I’ll show her to everybody
3. I surrender myself to the twilight of her

The 23rd Most Poptastic Single of 2013

Fifth Harmony – Me & My Girls

Starlight Express is their back-up career

Released: 18th October (USA)
Writers: Julian Bunetta, PJ Bianco, Beau Dozier, John Ryan, Fifth Harmony
Trivia: Fifth Harmony are going on tour with Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd and Little Mix next year… but there are no UK dates 🙁
Best bits: 1. We get Britney, Demi, One Direction, Bieber on it
2. And we dance like no one’s watching, we crack up, booty poppin’, like oo-ooh oo-ooh oh-oh, when it’s just me and my girls
3. And we play our favourite songs, and we scream out all night long

The 22nd Most Poptastic Single of 2013

Florida Georgia Line – Cruise

Graphic design inspired by Eiffel 65

Released: 2nd April (USA)
Writers: Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, Joey Moi, Chase Rice, Jesse Rice
Trivia: Cruise was originally released as a country single before being remixed by Jason Nevins, with a rap from Nelly. As he launched his career with Country Grammar it almost makes sense… almost.
Best bits: 1. Baby, you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruuu-uise
2. I got my windows down, and the radio up, get your radio up
3. Girl you sure got the beat in my chest bumpin’, hell I can’t get you out of my head

The 21st Most Poptastic Single of 2013

Hozier – Take Me To Church

Hozier is not a parrot (or a girl)

Released: 3rd July (Ireland)
Writers: Andrew Hozier Byrne
Trivia: Hozier’s Take Me To Church EP is available for free download, but still the single made it to no.2 in the Irish chart. I think it could do just as well in the UK next year, if properly promoted.
Best bits: 1. Take me to church!
2. I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
3. I was born sick, but I love it, command me to be well


  1. Take Me To Church is amazing, my favourite line is ‘something meaty for the main course, that’s a fine looking high horse’! The video is also stunning.

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