The 25 Most Poptastic Singles of 2011 – Part 1

Another poptastic year is almost complete, so it’s time for my annual countdown! To qualify the song must have been released somewhere in the world as a single this year, and must not have featured in the top 100 of a previous year. Now, let’s begin!

The 25th Most Poptastic Single of 2011

September – Me & My Microphone

Awkward pose alert

Released: 11th July
Writers: Thomas Rusiak, Niklas Bergwall, Petter Alexis, Petra Marklund, Daniel Alexander
Trivia: This song has undergone quite a transformation in its history, from a rap song by Petter in the late 90s, to a dance-pop version originally in Swedish (one of the 100 biggest selling singles in Sweden of all time) and now, here it is in English!
Best bits: 1. I wrote it for you, you’re the title of my song
2. Put you’ands up in the air! Put you’ands up in the air!
3. Love can you hear me? I want you near me

The 24th Most Poptastic Single of 2011

Wolf Gang – The King and All of His Men

Can’t see any wolves

Released: 18th July
Writer: Max McElligott
Trivia: This song was originally released in 2009, but somehow it completely passed me by. I didn’t hear of Wolf Gang at all until a year later, and didn’t hear this song til this year. Then I heard it a lot!
Best bits: 1. Ooh-oohooh-ooohoooh, ooh-oohooh-ooohoooh
2. You took her soul, so incomplete, why don’t you stop fighting me?
3. And if you’re dealing a line of cards, won’t you take me to the queen of hearts

The 23rd Most Poptastic Single of 2011

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor

Is that the face of a human?

Released: 8th Feb
Writers: Bilal Hajji, Kinda Hamid, Gonzalo Hermosa, Ulises Hermosa, Achraf Janussi, Nadir Khayat (RedOne), Armando Perez, Geraldo Sandell
Trivia: Jennifer led this year’s glorious anti-Cowell revolution, as her arrival on American Idol won back all the fans Simon had bored away. While X Factor’s US final last week was watched by 12.59 million people, American Idol’s final back in May had 29.29 million viewers!
Best bits: 1. Laaa lala-lala lala-lala-lala-lala-la
2. Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to LA, New York, Vegas to Afreeka!
3. Don’t stop, keep it moving, put your drinks up

The 22nd Most Poptastic Single of 2011

iFFY the Bad Man – Do You

Black and white = retro

Released: 18th Oct
Writers: Unknown (please comment with info if you know!)
Trivia: If there’s one song in the whole world that is totally unknown, yet I am totally sure will be a UK hit in 2012, it’s this one. It just HAS to be!!
Best bits: 1. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, oh I hope you didn’t forget about me
2. Oh-oh do you, do-do-do you? Do you still think about me-ee?
3. I miss you more than before-ore

The 21st Most Poptastic Single of 2011

The Wanted – Lightning

There’s a gate to your right, boys

Released: 14th Oct
Writers: Steve Mac, Wayne Hector, Ed Drewett
Trivia: The Wanted’s US launch is being filmed for a TV series. Click here to find out why this is quite worrying news.
Best bits: 1. I know that it’s a little bit frightening, we might as well be playing with lightning
2. When your lips touch mine, it’s the kiss of life
3. The rush, too much, and here… it comes!

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