Thank you Popjustice

For reminding me that I must inform you of the greatest r’n’b single of 2008 so far. OK it’s only been two weeks but this song is surely going to be a huge hit. You might remember a guy called Taio Cruz who had 2 great electro-r’n’b singles out last year, Movin’ On and I Just Wanna Know. Now he’s got a new one and it’s as good as them put together and times 10. It’s the same sound but has a guy who sounds like Timbaland (but probably isn’t) and a girl who probably is Luciana on it. First it was called Take You Away, but now it is Come On Girl, perhaps due to the addition of probably-not-Timbaland who says “come on girl” often in the song. That might have always been there, but I haven’t heard the original version so I can’t be sure. Then again, I had heard Boten Anna and didn’t pick up that Now You’re Gone is the same song with English words, so my musical memory is really not to be trusted.

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