It’s just a twist of fate

In 2006 the Swedish DJ Basshunter had a huge hit around Europe with a song called Boten Anna, but it had absolutely no impact in the UK. Thank goodness, it was awful! But now it is he who will knock off Leon from no.1 this week, rather surprising considering his previous lack of success and continuing lack of fame. Still, it’s a catchy tune, a bit like Cascada, and certainly better than anything Leon is capable of. Also I am favoured towards it as this year we were deprived of our Swedish-written Christmas no.1, since Simon picked a song written by an American as opposed to asking Jorgen Elofsson or similar if they had anything lying around, as he usually does. This one has a Swedish singer too, so I’m content, although I can’t say it’ll be in my top 100 of 2008 unless this year is exceptionally awful.

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