Future Stars: Terror Jr (EFFESS)

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Terror Jr’s debut single 3 Strikes caused confusion when it appeared online with little information about the artist behind it. It was featured in the music video-esque advert for Kylie Jenner’s new lipgloss, and fans thought at first it might be her long-rumoured debut as a singer. Lucky for Miss Minogue, Jenner isn’t moving into music – or at least, not yet. The vocalist is Lisa (not pictured, cos there are no pictures), lead singer of a new trio formed with rising star producer Felix Snow and ex-Cataracs member David Singer-Vine (aka Campa). The two men are the producers who defined the distinctive sound of Future Pop star Kiiara, and co-founders of the label EFFESS. Three Strikes is a sweet, quirky electro-pop tune that could easily be mistaken for the work of Kiiara, though Lisa’s vocals actually sound more like Ellie Goulding. In three weeks, the song has had over 1.6m Soundcloud plays and topped the global and US viral charts on Spotify.

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