Sunday Night Quiz: Guess the sample!

Do you know which famous songs are sampled in these hit singles? Leave your answers in the comments box below.

1. T.I. ft. Rihanna – Live Your Life
2. Flo Rida – Right Round
3. The Tamperer ft. Maya – Feel It
4. Madonna – Hung Up
5. Leona Lewis – Collide
6. JLS – The Club Is Alive
7. Sugababes – Get Sexy
8. Girls Aloud – No Good Advice

The mystery samples will be revealed next Sunday!

And here are the answers from last week: Little Boots, Billie Piper, Michelle Williams, Katy Perry, Shania Twain, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz, Lykke Li. Well done to Andreas Stahl who got them all right and wins a pair of tickets to Beach Break Live!


  1. 1 Dragostea din tei
    2 You Spin me round – Dead or Alive (not sure that counts as a sample actually, maybe I'm wrong)
    3 Can you feel it – Jackson5
    4 Voulez Vous – Abba
    5 Penguin – Something Orchestra
    6 The sound of music
    7 The Way I Are (Not certain if that's the original)
    8 My Shirona – The Knack

  2. 1. O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei
    2. Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
    3. The Jacksons – Can You Feel It
    4. Abba – Gimme Gimme Gimme
    5. Avicii – Penguin (which samples Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
    6. The Sound Of Music
    7. Right Said Fred – I'm Too Sexy
    8. The Knack – My Sharona

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