Sunday Night Quiz: Guess the original!

It’s a tricky one this week! Do you know who sang the lesser known original versions of these pop songs? Leave your answers in the comments box below.

  1. Cheryl Cole – Parachute
  2. Beverley Knight – Keep This Fire Burning
  3. Shayne Ward – No Promises
  4. Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss
  5. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn
  6. Westlife – What About Now
  7. Girls Aloud – Here We Go
  8. Jordin Sparks – Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
The originals will be revealed next Sunday.

And here are the answers from last week: The secret pop stars were Adam Garcia, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kate Winslet. Elle McPherson, Ulrika Jonsson, Ryan Seacrest and Demi Moore have not had pop careers. Well done to Chad who got 7/8 correct!


  1. Gonna try

    Keep This Fire Burning – Robyn

    Kiss Kiss – a bit technical…..originally by Tarkan but with english lyrics…thats by Stella Soleil. Holly covered Stella who in turn covered Tarkan.

    No Promises – Bryan Rice

    Torn – originally by Lis Sørensen then Trine Rein..then Natalie.

    What About Now – Daughtry?

    Here We Go – Moonbaby


    Parachute/Don't Let It Go To Your Head……no idea.

  2. Cheryl Cole – Parachute – Ingrid Michaelson
    Jordin Sparks – Don't Let It Go To Your Head – Fefe Dobson

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