Songs of the Summer 2013

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This summer has brought us big pop singles from all over the world. Here are some of my favourite hits of the season, plus a few upcoming releases I’ve been enjoying when the sun has popped up (and even more when I’ve been shut away indoors).


Icona Pop – I Love It

I have a high tolerance for shouty girl singers, so I was always going to be a fan of I Love It, but the fact that it also has a great pop melody and highly quotable lyrics meant the rest of the world fell in love with it too. The former members of Shampoo and Bow Wow Wow looked on with pride as it finally topped the charts in the UK a year after its original Swedish release, and went on to rack up over 40 million YouTube views.

Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith – La La La

Naughty Boy launched his Hotel Cabana album campaign with one of the dullest songs of the year, Wonder, and his hit rate as a producer is pretty poor (how many of these are on your ipod?) but with La La La he finally earned a bit of respect. It’s incredibly infectious and I love the lyrical concept of singing “la la la” to block out words you don’t want to hear. Fun fact: This song was co-written with two members of Blazin’ Squad!

Katy Perry – Roar

I received shocked responses when I recently tweeted that Roar is only the fourth Katy Perry song I actively enjoy. Although I liked the Part of Me documentary, I have no particular connection or loyalty to her as a pop star. But she has been a vehicle for a few great songs and I think Roar is a strong comeback. It’s generic enough to feel familiar, and the quality of songwriting, especially the uplifting chorus, makes it an instant classic.

One Direction – Best Song Ever

I love an obnoxious song title and although I don’t think Best Song Ever is the actual best song ever, it is one of my favourites from One Direction. I love the metatextual concept of a song within a song, and the specific details such as “her name was Georgia Rose and her daddy was a dentist.” I’m still waiting for someone to write a song that goes “oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah, ohhhh,” and claim it was the inspiration.

Neon Jungle – Trouble

I’m a little biased but it would be a lie to say I’ve listened to any song more this summer than Trouble by Neon Jungle. Amira, Asami, Jess and Shereen release their first single this weekend, and I think it’s the best girlband debut in years. I love that it’s less than three minutes long, like songs used to be in the ’60s. There isn’t a moment of filler: every second counts as the girls introduce themselves in a bright burst of energy.

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