Song of the Week: Au/Ra – Concrete Jungle

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I’ve heard a few songs referencing Netflix but this has to be the first mentioning Amazon Prime. Au/Ra (not to be confused with Aura, who I featured in Sept) takes heavy inspiration from Lorde in her debut single Concrete Jungle, especially with the lyrics about modern city life. Although Spain has a large and lively music scene, the country doesn’t produce many successful artists releasing music in English, so I was surprised to discover Au/Ra was born in Ibiza. She’s now based in LA (after spending her childhood in Antigua), and the contrast between her island upbringing and current city dwelling explains the displaced perspective in Concrete Jungle. The track has been featured in prominent Spotify and Apple Music playlists and had press support from Line of Best Fit among others. I’m looking forward to hearing what she comes up with next.

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