The 25 Most Poptastic Singles of 2012 – Part 2

The 20th Most Poptastic Single of 2012

Jhameel – White Lie

You’ve lost an earring, Jhameel!

Released: 5th January
Writer: Jhameel
Trivia: I asked Jhameel for an interesting random fact about White Lie and he said “The song was written in about an hour, I was just having some fun in the studio, and almost didn’t even put it on the EP.” Good thing he changed his mind!
Best bits: 1. I just wanna try taking care of my life, I’ve been working day and night to keep your heart satisfied
2. I just need to take some time to go figure out my life
3. You don’t need to act like everything is cool, but I don’t wanna leave you feeling like a tool

The 19th Most Poptastic Single of 2012

Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart A Break

Not keen on her blinds

Released: 4th April
Writers: Josh Alexander, Billy Steinberg
Trivia: Demi is currently working on a new album to be released in 2013, but don’t get too excited. She said in a recent interview “I’m bringing the sound of real music back.” Oh dear 🙁
Best bits: 1. Every time you ruu-uu-uu-ohoh-un woah-woah-ahahoh
2. So let me give your heart a break, give your heart a break
3. Baby I’m not like the rest

The 18th Most Poptastic Single of 2012

Taylor Swift – Red

Taylor considers her escape route options

Released: 2nd October
Writers: Taylor Swift
Trivia: Taylor has three songs in my top 25, more than any other artist, and deservedly so as she’s had a fantastic year. For me as a long-term fan it’s been a year of vindication as the pop world has understood and embraced her music at last.
Best bits: 1. Re-e-e-ed re-e-e-ed
2. Losing him was blue like I’d never known, missing him was dark grey all alone
3. But moving on from him is impossible, when I still see it all in my head, burning red!

The 17th Most Poptastic Single of 2012

Little Mix – DNA

Can we get off the roundabout yet?

Released: 12th November
Writers: Tom Barnes, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Ben Kohn, Peter Kelleher, Iain James, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall
Trivia: Jade from Little Mix ditched her electrician boyfriend when she got famous, but only for a member of Diversity. She could have at least picked a pop star!
Best bits: 1. It’s in his D-D-D-D-DNA
2. No need to question, I already know
3. And that’s what makes a man, not hard to understand

The 16th Most Poptastic Single of 2012

Alphabeat – Vacation

Which two Alphabeaters don’t get a suitcase?

Released: 12th March
Writers: Alphabeat
Trivia: Alphabeat played their first UK gig in a few years last month and it was brilliant. I spoke to Troels after the show and he said they hoped to do more in the UK soon so fingers crossed we’ll have them back in 2013!
Best bits: 1. Vacation! Ohoh ohoh, I wanna go, I wanna go-go-go!
2. Every woman, every man, put your feet in the sand and have yourselves a vacation
3. By now I think you know, sad faces are a no-go

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