Reflections on American Idol 2007

I’m not saying that this year was the best ever, but for me it has been the most successful as my top 5 favourites were indeed the top 5 finalists, and my favourite boy and girl both made the final. Jordin is lovely and ace, so she definitely deserved to win and will make a great winner as she can do the typical Idol winner ballads but can also be moulded into an ace popstar for her next album. I was really pleased to see a final with two contestants who could make it in the real world, who were more than just a big voice and endearing personality. I can see myself buying Jordin’s and definitely Blake’s album, as I know he’s a friend of Maroon 5 and fan of Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw etc. In fact I’ve already picked out his first single, Don’t Hate On Me by Vincent. He should also get Maroon 5 to write him something great, and cover Knockout by Triple 8 as a duet with Chris Richardson.

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