New Swedish Dance-Pop On The Block

E-Type – True Believer (Live)
I truly believe (ha) that E-Type is one of the best dance acts around, and it’s no coincidence that much of his work is written, produced or both by his pal and mine (well, one day maybe!), Max Martin. His music is bursting with euphoric energy and feel good vibes, with impossibly catchy choruses and girl singers who can totally belt them out. I can’t wait to jump around to this in Swedish pop clubs later this year.
95% Poptastic!

Da Buzz – Take All My Love (Listen)
Another of the best dance acts in the world, here is the brilliant new single by Da Buzz. I love them because although it’s definitely dance music with super-power-energy and great hooks, it still has a pop structure of verses and choruses, and lyrics that aren’t too repetitive, and the singer isn’t an emotionless robot like you find in a lot of the dance music popular in the UK.
93% Poptastic!

Danny – Play It For The Girls (Listen)
His songs are quite simple and unoriginal but they don’t half grow on you. I thought his last single Tokyo was just OK, but it became one of my top singles of spring 2007, and this one gets better with each listen – the chorus reminds me of E-Type, and the backing is very September. With Danny, Magnus Carlsson and Måns Zelmerlöw, Sweden is doing great for jolly disco boy-pop at the moment – let’s hope they’ve started a trend!
88% Poptastic!

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