Future Stars: Real Lies (Marathon)

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There are a lot of people referencing the ‘90s in fashion and music these days, but you don’t see many taking it as far as Real Lies. Unfortunately, their inspiration comes from the early part of the ‘90s I’m glad I was too busy playing with Polly Pocket to notice, when everyone apparently wore tracksuits and did lots of drugs in fields. Their breakthrough track was last year’s North Circular, which has spoken-word vocals reminiscent of The Streets, while new single World Peace has more of the “baggy electropop” vibe they’re becoming known for. The fact that Real Lies have capitalised on the ’90s trend while managing to sound very different to everything else on the radio makes them an interesting proposition. I’m just wondering how many others my age and younger (surely the target market) will be happy to pretend to be nostalgic about an era they don’t really remember? Perhaps the fact that we just missed it is what makes it seem cool to people like Real Lies, who themselves appear to be in their mid-20s.


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