Perhaps they can reform as X-otic now?

After I enjoyed researching Danish X Factor so much yesterday, I had a look to see which other countries are currently in the midst of an X Factor series. I was pleased to find that one such country was the Netherlands, one of my favourite places to find new pop music, but nothing could have prepared me for the excitement to come. I began by listening to a performance by a lady named Rachel, and realised her voice sounded familiar. Suddenly it clicked, and when I saw photos of her with blonde hair, I was even more sure: It was Rachel from K-otic!!!

I realise that probably only one person who reads this site will understand the extreme amazingness of this news, but believe me, it is very very exciting! K-otic were the winners of a Dutch series similar to Popstars, and were the first unknown foreign pop band I became obsessed with. I used to spend all my spare time translating Dutch sites to get info on them, chatting with Dutch people on MSN, and I even made my own K-otic fansite so that people who didn’t speak Dutch might hear of them. Sadly they split up after their second album, and apart from Sita, who had left after the first album anyway, none of them did particularly well as solo artists. Rachel seemed to be the most popular of the band after Sita, and was considered to be the best singer, so it’s no surprise that she’s gotten into the final 10.

I’ve compiled a playlist of the best contestants from the current series, which you can see below. Lisa and Irma are very good, but I’m definitely supporting Rachel.

In the first week, the theme was Sugababes, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Maria Mena! Each category had to sing songs from one of those acts. It’s funny watching the mentors find something good to say about the terrible ones, such K.L.E.M.’s version of Stronger by the Sugababes.


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