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David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland – Love Takes Over (Listen)
After Beyoncé (probably unknowingly) had great success with dance remixes of her less interesting singles in the UK and Europe, Kelly has gone one better, and appears on the new single by one of dance music’s biggest names. It does sound a bit more like a remix of a Kelly single than a song that was always meant to be a dance song, but perhaps that’s just because Kelly’s voice is so familiar, and usually associated only with r&b music. However, I think that with the combined fame of these two acts, and the surprise of them collaborating, this song is bound to be a hit. It may not get much play anywhere other than dance music radio shows and Clubland TV, but as the success of Scooter and Ultrabeat have shown, nothing more is necessary if you want a dance hit these days.
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Flipsyde – When it was Good (Watch)
RedOne’s been very busy lately, hasn’t he? Every new act from Pixie, Tami Chynn and Esmee Denters to V Factory and Jada have RedOne songs on their debut albums, and he’s still had time to turn an average r’n’b/rap group into an exciting poptastic proposition. Flipsyde had a massive European hit back in when, bizarrely, they sampled t.A.T.u’s Gomenasai on a song about an aborted child. The single got nowhere in their home country, but was noticed by Europop obsessive Akon, and he got them in touch with Mr Khayat. The result was When it was Good, probably not RedOne’s best work, but simply by being his work it’s 100 times better than anything they did before. I don’t know if it could be a breakthrough hit for them in the UK or USA, but I’m sure the European countries already aware of Flipsyde will lap it up. It’s already the most popular new video in Sweden on You Tube!
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