Unsigned Month: Introducing Parade

Most artists are lucky if they release one song as good as Light Me Up in their careers, but Parade have several ready to unleash on the British public. It’s even more impressive that these songs have all been recorded without any help from a record label. I’m a bit biased as I’ve been working closely with the girls for the past few months, but I wouldn’t have done so if I didn’t believe they had something special. I hope they’ll get the chance to show the world their true potential in 2013.

After leaving their original record label Atlantic earlier this year, Parade had the chance to decide for themselves who they wanted to be as a band and what they wanted to sound like. They’ve been involved in writing the new songs and even had a hand in Light Me Up, the free download they gave away as a taster of their new music in August. The song won them a whole new audience of pop and girlband fans, with rave reviews from Popjustice, MTV, MuuMuse and more. Now I just can’t wait for everyone to hear the rest!


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