My Next Big Obsession?

Ben Jelen is my one to watch for 2004, for the following reasons: 1. His name is said “Ben Yellin” 2. His single, Come On, is fantastic. 3. As is the video 4. He is gorgeous, in a slightly unusual but very trendy way, and is the spitting image of the (also musical) boy in… Continue reading My Next Big Obsession?

Hidden Gems Week – Day 5

Today’s Hidden Gem is… Who The Hell Are You? They are Lillix, a girl rock group from America. L-R: Kim, Lacey-Lee, Louise and Tasha-Ray. You may know their cover of The Romantics’ hit What I Like About You as the theme tune to the US kid’s TV show of the same name. They also sing… Continue reading Hidden Gems Week – Day 5