In all the Eurovision excitement I forgot to post up this week’s poll. Vote quick cos you’ve only got 2 days!

Which of these singles are best?
Lillix – Sweet Temptation
Dima Bilan – Never Let You Go
Texas Lightning – No No Never
Mihai Traistariu – Tornero
Pet Shop Boys – Minimal
The Attic – Life To Live
Lorraine – Transatlantic Flight
The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way
Arsenium ft. Natalia Gordienko & Connect-R – Loca
West End Girls – Suburbia
Pipettes – Pullshapes
Infernal – From Paris To Berlin
Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean – Hips Don’t Lie
Kate Ryan – Je t’adore
BWO – Temple Of Love
Nerina Pallot – Everybody’s Gone To War
Will Young – Who Am I
Rihanna – SOS (Rescue Me)
Morningwood – Nth Degree
t.A.T.u – Gomenasai
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