Sylver – Lay All Your Love On Me
Sylver are a poppy dance act who are really big in central/Eastern Europe but unlike similar acts such as Lasgo and Ian Van Dahl, they have never had any UK hits. This is probably because they’ve never done any particularly good songs (unless I missed it, but the ones I’ve heard have all been boring) until this cover of ABBA’s hit, which actually works rather well. If you can forget about the original, which is obviously still better, then it’s very enjoyable indeed.

Sita – Happy
A few years ago I became obsessed with Dutch singer Sita and her ex-band K-otic, and the fantastic music they were all making, even though no-one else noticed outside of the Netherlands. It was when I first saw this song on MTV Hits that I was immediately obsessed with this super-cute young lady and have been a fan ever since. She’s still making music although it’s much more aimed at kids, as I think she did the theme tune to a kids’ TV show and she’s so sweet and fun it’s no wonder kids love her. If you like this I definitel recommend getting either of her 2 first albums cos they’re both top quality throughout.

Lillix Interview in Japan
While we wait for the video to their utterly brilliant new single Sweet Temptation, here’s an interview with them during a promotional tour for their last album, which was also great, although I have to say they’ve moved up to an even higher level of aceness with the new song and hopefully the rest of the album will be just as fab. There are a lot of female rock bands around and none have managed to be very successful, so I’m hoping with this new extra-aceness that Lillix could be the girls to break that trend.

The Attic – Life To Live
The Attic are a great Swedish dance-pop group who’ve made many ace songs such as Destiny and Just Can’t Help It, and they’re back with yet another top tune. They’re nowhere near as popular as they deserve to be cos their songs are so catchy – this is the kind of dance music that should be released in the UK, no more of that exhausted idea of remixing old songs. I hope the success of Infernal and hopefully A-Studio soon will bring dance music back to actual original songs with verses and choruses and non-perverted, actually interesting videos, cos that is definitely the best kind.

Thank ABBA For The Music
Things have been rather ABBA-obsessed around here of late, but if you don’t like ABBA then you clearly took a wrong turn somewhere on the winding roads of the Internet cos this site is not for you. Now this has to be the absolute acest moment of any award show ever – all my late 90s pop heroes (Cleopatra, Billie, B*Witched, Steps and erm… Tina Cousins!) singing a medley of ABBA’s biggest hits, dressed to suit in ridiculously uncool costumes with embarrassing wigs. Absolute brilliance in every way!

I’m so impressed with the top 5 this week – my readers have such fantastic taste! Remember to keep voting each week, so the aceness can continue. Here’s this week’s top 5:

=4. BWO – Temple of Love
=4. Dima Bilan – Never Let You Go
3. Pipettes – Pullshapes
2. Kate Ryan – Je t’adore

Mihai Traistariu – Tornero
This is the first time I’d seen this video and it’s actually really scary! If you have a fear of snakes keep away. I actually don’t mind seeing snakes, it’s only when they’re on someone’s body I find it creepy (see Dannii Minogue’s horrible latest video). Also cos the video flicks between different scenes very abruptly, it came as a bit of a surprise. However, it gives the song a cooler edge as without it, it’s just another (although fantastic) Euro-dance/pop song. There’s something quite 90s about it as well, in the vein of Haddaway or similar, which makes it especially ace. In fact, Eurovision was really good for Eastern European male singers this year, with Dima, Mihai and Arsenie all producing ace songs, even if I was about the only one to think so for the last one.

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