Song of the Week: Noonie Bao – Oceans Deep

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Grimes’ recent single Flesh Without Blood could have been the song of the year, but she messed it up by overcomplicating what should have been simple. Perhaps in an attempt to be subversive, she made the chorus a complete anticlimax after the brilliant verse. Swedish singer Noonie Bao makes no such mistake with her own piece of ethereal, entrancing electro-pop, Oceans Deep. I like to think of it as a mermaid anthem, and I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t get a video to suit. Just make sure you don’t listen to it when you need the loo. Noonie has released a few pop gems, including the brilliant Pyramids, but she’s had more success so far as a songwriter, working with artists such as Charli XCX and Tove Styrke. You may recognise her vocals from Avicii’s UK no.1 hit I Could Be The One and Clean Bandit’s best song, Rihanna. Oceans Deep is featured on her new EP, Noonia.


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