Unsigned Month: Introducing Nimmo and the Gauntletts

When it comes to indie-pop, my main criteria (apart from good songs, of course) is that the artist should make a statement, to stand out from the endless parade of pleasant but forgettable Hype Machine chart-toppers. Nimmo and the Gauntletts caught my eye because they are truly unique, and make no attempt to hide it. The group, who resemble a bunch of nerdy students, have not one but two androgynous female lead singers, Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett.

Their songwriting needs to catch up with the visuals and the performance, but when it does they’ll be a very interesting proposition. Although they don’t have any obvious hits (this is my favourite), their songs and videos exhibit a professionalism and clear idea of who they want to be, which I think will get them a long way. It’s been fascinating to watch them develop and polish their act over the past few months, realising the potential I saw in their early YouTube videos. They might need a little more incubation yet, but I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about Nimmo and the Gauntletts.


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