Unsigned Month: Introducing Chelcee Grimes

I’ve written about Chelcee Grimes before, when she was signed to RCA. Unfortunately she never released any music with the label, but that wasn’t for lack of quality songs. In fact, her planned first single Mannequin was a work of pop genius and her old MySpace is full of cute R&B-pop gems. During her RCA days Chelcee used to perform with dancers, but now she’s going for more of a singer-songwriter vibe.

Although I’m personally more into the upbeat cheesy stuff I think this new persona makes more sense for Chelcee. Unlike most girls who’ve decided to pick up a guitar as a fashion statement, she actually has the talent in singing and songwriting to carry off the singer-songwriter tag. I Love You is the first track showcasing her new sound, and it feels like a natural development, retaining the strong melodies and pop vocals but adding a bit of swagger and maturity not seen before.


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